x 5 Ways to Change up Your Home – Cover These Walls

5 Ways to Change up Your Home

Amanda & Meg
21 Aug , 2020

Everyone wants an easy fix to spruce up their home. We don’t always have an endless budget, or that much time to dedicate towards the projects we want to do. But what if we were to tell you there’s an easy way of doing just That! 

Going to the hardware store can be daunting for some, choosing paint colors can cause commitment issues with our final choice, and picking out new wall decor can cause anxiety about whether or not it’s centered or balanced. We can help you solve all those problems!

Here are 5 ways to change up your home without any of the added stress or the big price tag! 

1- Spring cleaning. We associate that with when the sun changes in the spring, we see all the dust buildup we've missed over the dark winter, or the winter hibernation period of just ignoring that mess in the corner. But spring cleaning can mean giving the space we have a whole new fresh look, clearing out that junk drawer that has been in the back of your mind. Clean and uncluttered space does wonders for your nerves! 

2- Rearrange your furniture. Moving a table over there, changing the direction of your bed, moving your dresser to that other wall. Moving things around not only uncovers a slew of lost items, but also can change the perspective of the room. Having a new outlook on how a room feels, re-centering your conversation circle in the living room can open up so many possibilities.

3- Buy a few houseplants. Some may have a green thumb, others do not. Fortunately there is a solution for both. For those who can keep the foliage alive, there are so many fun options. A snake plant can add life to that dull corner beside your couch, a fern can be hung in front of that big window you find so bland. Even go as far as getting a few macrame with hanging ivy can be just the thing for the corner of your living room! 

4- Paint your baseboards. I know, we said no painting, but this one only needs to be done every few years and will be well worth your time! You could do one room at a time. Our baseboards are the most neglected part of our homes. When was the last time you went around dusting/cleaning yours? Apart from the odd rubbing a dryer sheet over there to prevent dust buildup, we don't pay too much attention to them. Brightening up the scuffs, dents, and dulled color that has worn them will make them feel brand new! 

5- Accessorize! Believe it or not, if you have access to IKEA, they have amazing prices for good accessories, pillow covers for under 20$, candles under 5$ and even some baskets and throws can be styled under 50$. Adding a few candles around a room can add such warmth and is so inviting to just curl up with a glass of wine and enjoy the space you're in. A few accent pillow covers can make your couch feel brand new without breaking the bank! And if you want to be really wild, a new rug or bed throw can make a room have a whole new vibe. 

Life hack- once your candle is done, clean it out with tissue paper and through the dishwasher, and you’ve got yourself the perfect whiskey glass. You are welcome.

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