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Get to know the girls behind Cover These Walls

We Let Quality and Style Speak For Itself

Our goal is to create a product that we ourselves would buy. Experimenting with new looks and designs that follow the ever changing trends and others that will forever stay classics.

Having lived in rentals and experimenting on our own walls with decals, we knew we could offer a product that is safe for renters as well as homeowners.

We believe loyalty is earned and we know you will love our products and we let the quality and style speak for itself.


Co-founder of Cover These Walls

Vinyl runs in my blood. From toddling around my dad's shop to chasing after my own little boy in my husband's workspace, we are a vinyl family.

I was married in 2009 and my husband came into the family business. After a few years we decided to move to the west coast where my husband's family lives and partnered with a company called Premier Graphics.

I have always had a passion for design, organization and being creative. As I was looking for inspiration to create a design for my son’s room, I realized there could be more to this than doing just one design.

After toying with the idea of a small shop we decided it was something Meg and I could do, and from there the ideas kept coming! We knew we should take it further. We wanted our drive, passion and vision to bring innovative and beautiful products to you.

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Co-founder of Cover These Walls

I am originally from Toronto but a couple of years ago I decided to move to Vancouver for a change of scenery.

My background involves a lot of schooling and not a lot of direction. After completing Diplomas in Leisure and Corporate Tourism as well as Art and Design I ended completing a Bachelor of Commerce because I knew I eventually wanted a company of my own. Throughout my years of education I decided to become a certified CrossFit Trainer and found passion in the fitness industry while travelling the world.

Since my move to Vancouver, I met my Husband who runs a successful graphics company with his business partner. His business partner’s wife, Amanda, shares the same love of design as I do, and growing up in the vinyl world she was excited to combine her two passions as well. We quickly realized a way we could merge our love for decor and design with our husbands love and knowledge of vinyl.

Cover is basically the result of a perfect storm!

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