Hippie color palette terrazzo decals
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Terrazzo Wall Decals


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Product Type: Decal

Terrazzo decals are the perfect way to get colorful and creative on any wall. It’s up to you how dense or sparse you want this design, either way it’s easy to apply!

We offer this decal in 4 options, Hippie, Woodland, Boho, Winter

Approx 450 decals per order, sizes range from 1/2"-2"

*Local Pickup Available if you live in Vancouver, BC - Message us for info

Samples:  Our samples are reduced versions of the product, approximately 4" in size. If you would like to order a sample, simply add one sample to your cart & in special instructions specify which colors you would like to see, we can include a few! We also will give you a code to get $10 on your next order! 

*The photo displayed may not indicate the exact sizing or quantity of the decals / decal packages, please see specifications for sizing. 

Made in Canada / Eco Friendly / Water Based Inks