SALE - Fiesta Geometrical Shapes Wall Decal *Please Read Listing*
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SALE - Fiesta Geometrical Shapes Wall Decal *Please Read Listing*

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SALE ITEM *Please read listing*

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Super fun and festive. This decal package let’s you get creative with various shapes so really the outcome is up to your imagination! Or, if you’re into symmetry you can spend a little more time and create a cool pattern. 

86 decals in kit.
3" Circles, 3" Triangles, 2" and 4" Squiggles, 3.5" Dashes.

*Local Pickup Available if you live in Vancouver, BC - Message us for info

Samples:  Our samples are reduced versions of the product, approximately 4" in size. If you would like to order a sample, simply add one sample to your cart & in special instructions specify which colors you would like to see, we can include a few! We also will give you a code to get $10 on your next order! 

*The photo displayed may not indicate the exact sizing or quantity of the decals / decal packages, please see specifications for sizing. 

Made in Canada / Eco Friendly / Water Based Inks